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Huggins Outboard Computer Programs offers printers, cash drawers, scanners, and computers to work with your Huggins Software.  Other brands and models can work but we have tested these and have had great success with very few problems.  Huggins Outboard Computer Programs only supports the following brands and models.


Lexmark 2390 Plus Invoice Printer

24-Pin Invoice Printer

Narrow carriage 24-pin dot matrix
Up to 4-part forms in variable lengths.  Push/pull modes, cut sheets, envelopes, and labels.  
IBM Proprinter and Epson LQ-850/1050 emulation  
360 x 360 dots per inch resolution
Up to 300cps in FastDraft
64K standard printer memory
Parallel interface with standard centronics protocol 
18.8 inches(W) x 11.3 inches(D) x 7.5 inches(H)


Electronic Cash Drawer

Electronic Cash Drawer w/ Bell

Steel case; front and rear cover of unit constructed of molded high-impact plastic
5 adjustable coin tills and 5 adjustable currency compartments
Dual Media Slots
3 position, 4 function high security tubular center drawer key lock
Includes parallel "Y" cable.  One end attaches to your computer the other end to your printer.
Under-counter mounting capability (hardware included)
21" long x 20" wide x 4.125" high

Price includes program upgrades and switch setup required to use with your Huggins System




Bar-Code Scanner

Bar-Code Laser Scanner

6" laser scan range
Includes controller box and stand
Includes cable to share your keyboard port
Combination hand-held/fixed projection
Patented automatic trigger
Short-range and long-range activation

Price includes program upgrades and UPC databases required to use with your Huggins System



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