Volvo Price Update Download!

Please Note:  Please make sure you are downloading this update on the computer in which you run your Huggins programs.   Please close this window and use the online order form if you need this update on a CD.

Download Instructions:
Please choose "Run this program from its current location."  This will start the download to your computer.      

Click the "YES" button to install and run NEWVOLVO.EXE from

Click "NEXT" at the Welcome to the VOLVO download screen.

Please read and accept the terms in the license agreement.  Click "NEXT" to continue.

Type in your password and click "NEXT" to continue.  Please call or email Huggins Outboard Computer Programs for your password and we will bill you $300.00 for this update.

Choose the directory where your Huggins Volvo Inventory Program is loaded.  It is probably loaded in C:\HUGGINS.  Click "NEXT" to continue.

If an earlier version of the price update is found on your computer, you will get a warning that the files are already on your computer.  This is expected.  Click the "Yes to All" button to overwrite all four price files and the new information will be installed properly.

Click the "FINISH" button to complete the download.  

Be sure to double check the price date and part count in your program and make sure they match the ones for the price update.

Version A

  Download Now!

Version B

  Download Now!

Version C

  Download Now!

This update will take approximately 3 minutes with a typical DSL connection.

Close this Window by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner when done.