Huggins 2018 Cross Reference Program Update Page HUGGINS OUTBOARD

The 12/15/2018 version is the latest. The screen says "12/15/2018 XREF 365". If your screen has an older date, then you can get newer prices by installing the latest version of the cross reference by clicking the blue link immediately below.

1. Latest cross reference program. Click here and then click OPEN or RUN.

NOTE: After you start the download, be sure to close the Huggins XREF program so the program can be updated. If you get an error during the update, you need to close the XREF program and click retry, or allow the install wizard to automatically close the program for you.

2. List of vendors included and the date of their last price update included in this latest version. [HTML] [PDF]

3. Installation Instructions. [HTML] [PDF]

4. Huggins Image library as 500 MB large download. Image library updates on 6/15/2018 include additions for EMP parts.

Five examples from the twenty two thousand images of EMP parts.

5. 2018 EMP parts addition to the Huggins Image library. Existing users from 2017 can use this link to add the 2018 EMP parts additions with a much smaller download.

6. PayPal users can pay here. Please enter your invoice total on the first screen. Please enter your credit or debit card information on the next screen.

7. To enter your credit card information for payment, use the button below.

8. Visit the home page for Huggins Outboard Computer Programs, Inc. (

9. Visit the support page for Huggins Outboard Computer Programs, Inc. (

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