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Huggins made the following changes on 05/15/2022 and 5/18/2022:

5/18/2022 Loaded new price updates from:
05/15/2022 ABC AKRONBRASS Akron Brass Company                         5
05/15/2022 ABU ANCHOR BUS ANCHOR BUSHING                              5
05/15/2022 ACR ACR ELECT. ACR Electronics Inc.                        5
05/15/2022 AIR AIRLETTE.. Airlette MFG Corp.                          5
05/15/2022 AQL AQUALUBE.. Aqualube                                    5
05/15/2022 ARR ARROWORTHY Arroworthy LLC                              5
05/15/2022 ASA ASA ELEC.. ASA Electronics                             5
05/15/2022 ATT ATTWOOD... Attwood                                     5
05/15/2022 CDI CDI ELECTR CDI Electronics (and RAPAIR)                5
05/15/2022 CHA CHAMPION.. Champion Spark Plugs                        5
05/15/2022 DON DONOVAN... Donovan                                     5
05/15/2022 GLM GLM PRODS. GLM Products                                5
05/15/2022 HON HONDA..... Honda Marine (Outboards)                    5
05/15/2022 JAB JABSCO.... Jabsco                                      5
05/15/2022 KAW KAWASAKI.. Kawasaki                                    5
05/15/2022 LNS LAND'N'SEA Land'N'Sea                                  5
05/15/2022 MCD MCDURMON.. McDURMON                                    5
05/15/2022 MED MEDART.... Medart                                      5
05/15/2022 MER MERCURY... Mercury/MerCruiser/Mariner/Force            5
05/15/2022 MIN MINN KOTA. Minn Kota                                   5
05/15/2022 MOE MOELLER... Moeller Mfg Co                              5
05/15/2022 MWI MWHOLESALE Marine Wholesale, Inc.                      5
05/15/2022 OMC EVINRUDE/J Evinrude/Johnson/OMC/Rotax                  5
05/15/2022 PM- PEACH..... Peach Motor Parts                           5
05/15/2022 RUL RULE PUMPS Rule Bilge Pumps                            5
05/15/2022 SHE SHERWOOD P Sherwood Pumps                              5
05/15/2022 SOL SOLAS..... SOLAS Propeller                             5
05/15/2022 SUZ SUZUKI.... Suzuki                                      5
05/15/2022 SYS SYSTEMATCH SysteMatched (Evinrude sold thru channels)  5
05/15/2022 UPC UPC....... Bar Code / Universal Product Code           5
05/15/2022 USD US DIST... US Distributing                             5
05/15/2022 VOL VOLVO..... Volvo                                       5
05/15/2022 YAM YAMAHA.... Yamaha                                      5

5/18/2022 Loaded new price updates from:
05/20/2022 MER MERCURY... Mercury/MerCruiser/Mariner/Force            5+

Mercury did a MAJOR price increase between 5/15/2022 and 5/20/2022.
Over 30 thousand prices went up an average of 8%.
The average price increase was $36.
We made alot of changes to the prices, cross references, and UPCs this month.

If you see anything that looks out of order, please let us know.

There are now three XREF websites:
1. Raleigh (
2. North Raleigh (
3. Oklahoma ( <---- You are on this site right now!

There are links to all of the "Member Portal" sites on the site.
If you are having trouble reaching a cross reference site, visit and you will find a working site under "Member Portal".
You should bookmark the site in case the cross reference site you normally use is down one day.

The image library has been updated to the 7/15/2021 level with 64,689 photos.

Additional cross references!
Beware that the farther down the screen you go past the first alphabetical order search of cross references, the better the chance that you are seeing a cross reference of a cross reference. This might or might not be what you want. Please use caution as you learn the new cross reference levels.

You can always tell the XREF which company to look for by adding the 3 character prefix to the partnumber.
For example: Entering VOL375580 will work even if the XREF is guessing that the 6 character 375580 is an Evinrude part number and adding a 0 to the front of it.
There will always be ambiguity in cases where two companies have the same part number.
Huggins needs to know from you about these cases. Which company should we use if, for example Mercury, Kawasaki, and Globe all have a part number 1000.
You can enter MER1000 to see the Mercury part.
You can enter GLO1000 to see the Globe part.
You can enter KAW1000 to see the Kawasaki part.
If you enter 1000, you get the Mercury 1327-1000 which supersedes to 1327-1118. This is by design. Mercury is the bigger OEM.

Please email with feedback.

(Data) New supersede links were loaded on this web service on 5/18/2022.
(Data) New marine industry prices were loaded on this web service on 5/18/2022.
(Data) New cross references were loaded on this web service on 5/18/2022.
(Program) This cloud based XREF program executable was updated on 8/11/2021.
(Pictures) The pictures were last updated on 7/15/2021.
(Web page) This front end web page was updated on 5/18/2022.

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