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Huggins Outboard is a full service marine dealer in Albany, Georgia and a Marine Software provider based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Family run, we believe the customer is the most important part of the business and we strive to provide the best products possible.

In 1986, Huggins Outboard, the dealership, saw the need to computerize its inventory control and point of sale system. The dealership needed something user friendly while still providing a wide breadth of useful reports and utilities. This new software would be called the Huggins System and would grow to be one of the most popular inventory control programs among marine dealers.  Currently we have over 3,000 customers using our systems.

Every module of the Huggins System is built specifically for the marine industry and has been tested by Huggins Outboard in a real live marine dealer environment. This means that every software module will be tested and proven before ever being shipped to you.

Huggins Outboard Computer Programs has programs for: Inventory control, Point of Sale, Service, Customer Records, Aftermarket Cross Reference and more.

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